Amkucha – The First Year

Well that flew!

A lot happened in 12 months – not mentioning the obvious – but musically, despite everything, what a year!

I managed to get through over 1150 tracks in fifty two weeks, but still there were loads more I wanted to play!

Anyway, short and sweet – well this section anyway – here’s a list of the tracks played in the last twelve months on Steve Optix Presents Amkucha on Kane FM 103.7

1 Giant Leap – Ghosts
4 Tet – Boy Is Mine Respect
45 Dip – Bug Juice
A Man Called Adam – Paul Valery At The Disco (Prins Thomas Mix)
A Man Called Adam – Techno Power 
A New Funky Generation Feat. Marika – Lubumba ’98
A Reminiscent Drive – Daydream Corridor
A Reminiscent Drive – Relief
A Separate Reality – Daybreak
A Separate Reality – Everywhere You Look
A Separate Reality – Hairy Dancer
A Separate Reality – Memories Of Now
A Separate Reality – The Seagull (Hare Krishna)
A Vision Of Panorama – Atlantic Dawn
A Vision Of Panorama – Chameleon
A Vision Of Panorama – Follow The Melody
A Vision Of Panorama – Mediterranean Tribal
A Vision Of Panorama – Vibechos
A Vision Of Panorama – Wildpath
Aashid Himons – The Gods & I (Fyraften 2019 Remaster)
Abimaro And The Free – Mark (Smith & Mudd My Everything Dub)
Abstrakt Mindz – Mars
Adam Chini – Horizons Of Funk
Admas – Astawesalehu
Admas – Wed Enate
Afrotrance – Flying Dreams
Afterlife – Fou
Afterlife – Naif
Afterlife – Resistance (Original Mix)
Afterlife – Summer Of Love
Afterlife – To See You Again
Afterlife – To The Beach
Air – Ce Matin La
Air – Cherry Blossom Girl
Akasha – Brown Sugar
Akasha – Crazy Baby
AKSK – Special Times & Places
Akwaaba – Just Pilau
Al Charles – Outstanding
Al Di Meola – Love Theme From Pictures Of The Sea
Al Wootton – Starlite Xpress
Alexander Robotnick – Problemes D’Amour (Alkalino facelift)
Alien Disco Sugar – Sea Delights (Aegean Seaview Rework)
Alif Tree – Belle
Allenii – Gee Dee
Alphonse – Moan Up (Ambient Mix)
Altin Gün – Bir Of Çeksem
Altin Gün – Ordunun Dereleri
Alveol & Genoveva – Presba Beats
Amabala Feat Jonas Krag – Road To Midnight
Ambala – Sergios Theme
Ambala – Sergios Theme (Danilo Braca Electrified Mix)
Ambala – Sergios Theme (Danilo Braca Deep & Jazzy Groove mix)
Ambala feat. Jonas Krag – Road To Midnight
André Ceccarelli – Stock No.1
Andres Y Xavi – This Time
Antoine Kogut – Oeillet Noir (Flegon Remix)
Antomar – Funk Punk
Aphex Twin – Ageispolis
Aphex Twin – Analog Bubblebath Vol 1
Apiento – Things You Do For Love (Heartbeat)
April Wayne – The Harder They Fall (The Invasion Of The Hippie Zombie Guys)
Ariel – Sea Of Beats (Justin Robertson’s Sparser Mix)
Aris Kokou – Sweet n Low
Art Of Noise – Robinson Crusoe
Art Wilson – Janine’s Theme
Arthur Melo – Ano Bege
Ashra – Sunrain
Astrud Gilberto – Here’s That Rainy Day (Koop Mix) 
Aswad – Feelings
Aswad – Hulet
Athome Project – Everything Changes
Atjazz – Everything
Atlas – Madrigl
Atlas – Simpatia
Atlas – Summer Breeze
Audiocluster – Transparent Interface (Plastic Fantastic Remix)
Auditive Escape – Blue Minds Boulevard
Aura Safari – Slow Divers (Ambient House Dub)
Averna & Chris Coco – Oh! (James Bright Remix)
Averna & Chris Coco – There Is No Planet B (Veteran Delinquents Remix)
Aware – A Day Out of Life (Album Version)
Aware – Come Alive
Aware – Esperando la Lluvia 
Aware – First Light
Aware – Requiem for the Sunset
Aware –  Found by the Sea
Azura – Paraiso ‘89
Baby Mammoth – Narrow 
Banzulu – WWIII PT 2
Barker – Positive Valence
Barnaby Bruce – Yellow Monsoon (Max Essa Remix)
Barry Biggs – Wide Awake In A Dream (Version)
Bartosz Kruczyński – IV
Bassline Featuring Lorraine Chambers – You’ve Gone
BAWRUT – AndreW (Future Beat Alliance remix)
Be Svendsen – Man On The Run
Be Svendsen – Man On The Run (Richard Dorfmeister & Stefan Obermaier Remix)
Be.Lanuit – Latif (feat. Bjorkey)
Beat Broker – Satin Kimono
Bebel Gilberto – Tanto Tempo
Bebel Gilberto – So Nice (Summer Samba)
Begin – Garden Interlude
Begin – Velocity (Part 2)
Bella Vista – Mister Wong
Bella Vista – Mister Wong (Isle Of Jura Extended Edit)
Belpaese Edits – Mai Mai Mai
Bent – Admiral Backshot
Bicep – DLR
Big Bud – Baby
Bill Conti – Reflections
Biodive – Crystal Orb
Biodive – OZone
Bixi – Moka
Bjork – One Day
Bjorn Torske – Trobel
Black Box – Dreamland
Blair French – In the Mist
Blair French – Lounsbury Gardens
Blair Sound Design – Bird Up
Blair Sound Design – Traveller’s Lid
Blasé – Downtown Salad
Blaze – Spiritually Speaking
Blu Mar Ten – Sunday Water
Blu Mar Ten – Turtle Beach
Blu Mar Ten – Brother
Blue Roots – Swan Song
Blue Shift – Shifting To Blue
Blue Vision – Leila (Variation)
Blue Wave Of Death – Emotional Sadness
Blue Wave Of Death – Far Beyond The Stars
Blue Wave Of Death – Next Stop Paradise
Blundetto – Ken Park (feat. Tommy Guerrero & Shawn Lee)
Blundetto – Mi Condena (feat. Chico Man)
Boards Of Canada – Happy Cycling
Boat Club – Nowhere
Boat Club – Spanish Castles
Bob James & Earl Klugh – Kari
Bob Marley & The Wailers – I Know
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Time Will Tell
Bob Sinclar – Phasing News
Bobby Fearless – Sleep Easy
Bobby Moore – Call Me Your Anything Man
Bochum Welt – Greenwich (Mix 2)
Boddhi Musique – Mara (Ama Piano)
Boisson et Payet – Fill Le Crocodile (instrumentale)
Bongo Entp. – Soul Drums (feat. Wili Jønsson)
Bonnie & Klein – 1983 (Ron Basejam Remix) 
Bonnie & Klein – Aguavivas 
Bonobo – Flutter
Boozoo Bajou – Under My Sensi
Brad Smith – New Lifestyle
Brandon Williams – Twenty One
Brian Bennett – Solstice
Bruise – Portrait
Bruise – Wildflower
Bullion – We Had A Good Time
Byron Wallen – Winds Of Change
Cacique – Devoted To You (Instrumental Dub)
Caddy Diaz – Blades Of War
Caia – Le Telecabine
Calle Gravina – Venezuela 
Camelle Hinds ‎– Let It Flow (Sausalito Calling)
Camouflage – One Fine Day (Marshall Watson Dreamy Ocean Mix)
Candido – Thousand Finger Man (Original Mix)
Canebrake – Borne Upriver (James Bright Remix)
Canebrake – Contento de Saber (Joe Morris Remix)
Canebrake – Borne Upriver (Original Mix)
Cantoma – Closer (Apiento Remix)
Cantoma – Essarai
Cantoma – Kasoto (Karal Arbus Eiji Takamatsu Remix)
Cantoma – Maya
Cantoma – The Mountain
Carl Craig – At Les
Cerrone – Deauville 
Chari Chari – Esfera de Água
Chari Chari – Of Mystic Dreams
Charisma – Every Dub
Chayell – Beach
CheapEdits feat. Nikos Krasopoulos – Being Forgotten
Chic – Savior Faire
China Crisis – Blue Sea
China Crisis – It’s Too Late (Extended Desert Island Mix)
China Crisis – Red Sails
Chris Coco & DJ Rocca – Discoteca (Heavy Fun Dub Mix)
Chris Isaak – Wicked Games (Trentemoller Dub)
Chris Rea – Auf Immer Und Ewig 
Christophe Goze – At the end of the street 
Circulation – Brown
Claudia – Baoba 
Claudia – Hold On (Instrumental)
Clive Stevens, Brainchild – Mystery Man (Original Mix)
CLNBRK – Corpse Flower (Steamy Windows Remix)
Club Tropicana – Funkytown
Coastlines – East Coast
Coastlines – East Dry River
Coco Steel & Lovebomb – Sunset Cafe
COEO – I Can Never Be Yours
Cola Boy – Do You Dream In Cola? (Full Length)
Cold End – Metropolitian Jungle (Jungle Dub)
Coldcut – Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force Mix Trip 2)
Cole Odin – The Warmth Of Your Sun (Adam Warped Remix)
Cole Odin – The Warmth of Your Sun (Original Mix)
Cole Odin – This Kitchen is for Dancing (Original)
Common Saints – Idol Eyes
Common Saints – Lovesong
Common Saints – Secret Song
Compro Oro – Ten Dollar Jeans Jacket
Cool Notes – Secrets Of The Night 
Copenema feat Willie Graff, Dj Pippi & Reinhard Vanbergen – Nada Mais (Enchantment Mix)
Cosmos – Summer In Space (Mark’s Harmonic 33 Mix)
Coyote – Balearic Restrictor 
Coyote – Dos Canas
Coyote – Feedback Valley 
Coyote – Finally…House
Coyote – Hero’s Journey
Coyote – Illa Conillera
Coyote – Jomo
Coyote – Look For A Way In
Coyote – Ranura De Marihuana
Coyote – Shimmer Dub
Coyote – Solskinn
Craig Bratley – Take Me To Bedford Or Lose Me Forever
Cruisic – Inspector Norse (Slowly Remix)
Cuetec – Aura
Cuetec – People
Cuetec – Sandy Beach
Cuetec – Secret Dawn
Curiosity Killed The Cat – Misfit (12″ Mix)
Curtis Hairston – I Want Your Loving (Dub)
Cuushe – Tie
Cyndi Lauper – What’s Going On (Instrumental)
D.K. / S.K. – Hammond Blue
Dae Han – DC2NYC2 (Instrumental)
Daeumelin – Alm
Daft Punk – Too Long (Gonzales Version)
Daisy Glow – Sunday In The Park
Dan Fabrice – Yes, I’m Available
Dan Wainwright – Everything Will Be Ok
Dan Wainwright – This Is Reality
Daniel Avery – Into The Arms Of Stillness
Daniel Bacalov – Il Porto
Daniel Bacalov – Movie
Daniel Ibbotson – Blue, Brown & Black
Daniel Pérez – Porno japonés
Daniel T – Back Again
Daniel T – Windy Lady feat. Eiko Hara 
Daniel T. – Moonlight Bounce
Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – Dodo
Darren Eboli – Wauv
Dave Warren – Central Living
David Datunashvili – 36.6 (ft. Dato Kikabidze)
David Datunashvili – On sands or stones
David Holmes – Rodney Yates
D-Code – Heavenly 
De La Soul – Eye Know
De Wolfe Music – By Design
De Wolfe Music – Vega
Deborah Haslam – Let Me Trouble (Alkalino Re Edit)
Deja Vu Feat Vladimir Khlopovski – Northern Wind
Delay Tactics – Almost Touching
Delay Tactics – Under The Ice
Despayn – Beginning
Detroit To Bristol – Dance With Me (The Rurals Guitar Dub)
Dhaima – Reggae On Sunset
Discodor – Fille De Sables
Discodor – Orange
Dislocation Dance – Here Comes Love (Demo)
DJ Cat – Story 3 (Long Version)
DJ Food – The Dawn
DJ Free Boks – Energy
DJ Pippi – Make U Smile 
DJ Pippi & Willie Graff – Lunares
DJ Pippi & Willie Graff – Saxolicious
DJ Rocca – Tropicale 17
DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4)
DK3 – A Journey Thru Time
DNC – Memoires
Don Carlos & James Doman – Passage From The Moon (Classic Mix)
Donny Benet – Girl Of My Dreams
Donny Benet – Negroni Summer
Donny Benet – Waterfall (Love Scene)
Dos Palos – I’ve Been Around [Seahawks Ultra Remix]
Dreadzone – A Dream Within A Dream
Dream Frequency Feat Denise Johnson – Love Peace And Harmony (Unity Mix) 
Dream Warriors – My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style
Dwight Sykes – After Midnight
Earth, Wind & Fire – Power
East Of Eden – Revolutionary Words (Unreleased Paradise Mix)
Easy Access Orchestra – Boy With The Beautiful Hair
Ed Longo & The Applied Arts Ensemble – A Palm In The Closet
Eddie C  – Nomalizo (Eddie C Rework)
Eddie Chacon – Above Below
Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. Unlimited – Do What You Gotta Do
Eddie Suzuki – City Of Refuge
Eirwud Mudwasser – Ziggurat
Electric City – What’s Up
Ella Fitzgerald – Wait ’till You See Him (De-Phazz Remix)
Enigma – Callas Went Away
Enigma – Hallelujah (Long Special Edit)
Enigma – Knocking On Forbidden Doors
Entremundos Quarteto – Vestido Longo
Erik Strauss – Dreams Above the Clouds
Escape From New York – Fire In My Heart (Instrumental)
Escape From New York – Won’t Be Your Fool
E-Talking – Flash Of Resurgence
Evinha – Que Bandeira
Expositions – Misterioso
Expositions – Tomate Tu Tiempo
Extended Spirit – Illicity (Pt.1)
F3 – Lonely (Seahawks Remix)
Fabrice, Leo Mas – Sunrise 87 (Balearic Militant Mix)
Faint Waves – Another Sunset
Faint Waves – Another Sunset (James Bright Remix)
Faint Waves – Aphrodesia [Phat Phil Cooper’s Dalt Villa Dub] 
Faint Waves – Bonita
Faint Waves – Dancing Flame
Faint Waves – Mirage
Faint Waves – Rain Rhythm Number 7 (Route Mix)
Faint Waves – Tempest
Faint Waves – Shambhala
Faithless – Angeline (Steve Optix Innocents Re-Slice)
Falle Nioke & Ghost Culture – Barké
Fashion – Love Shadow Smokey Dialogue
Fashion – Slow Blue
Fatboy Slim – Praise You (Original Mix)
Fatboy Slim, Roland Clark – Sunset 303 (If You Believe)
Ferrante and Teicher – Last Tango In Paris (Remastered)
Finn – Trick Trick (Ruf Dug Remix)
Finzuf – The Song Is A Hippie
Flamingosis & The Kount – Favela Slap
Flamingosis & The Kount – Nightwalker
Flamingosis & The Kount – Rhythm Ritual
Flamingosis & The Kount – Slip Away
Florin Büchel – Comoving Distance
Florin Buchel – Proper Distance
Forces Of Nature – Glaciers
Forces of Nature – LFO LOM
Forgotten Corner – Gallus
Four Tet – 128 Oceans
Four Tet – 4T Recordings
Four Tet – MTS guitar demo
Fragile State – Hoop Dreams
Franc Spangler – Dreamworld
Françoise Hardy – Mon Amie La Rose
Frazier Chorus – Nothing (Land Of Oz Mix)
Freak Power – Turn On, Tune In, Find Joy
Frederick Galliano – Plis Infinis No 2 (Rainer Truby Mix)
Free Salinas Orchestra – Within The Tides (Club Mix)
Free Salinas Orchestra – Within The Tides (Edit)
Freethinker – Poets of the World
Fresh Lab – Ombré 
Funk Agenda – Breakwater (Violet Oversoul Mix) 
Funkapolitan – As Time Goes By
Furious Frank – Hydro Hydrangea
Future Sound Of London – While Others Cry
G.A.N.G. – Incantations
Gallo – Faron (Fabrizio Mammarella Ambient Remix)
Gallo – Small Things
Gallo – Small Things – Balearic Gabba Sound System’ Social Acid Distance Remix
Gallo – Vortex
Gallo – Flensburg
Gary Boyle – Lullaby For A Sleepy Dormouse
Gazebo – Midnight Cocktail (Alkalino edit)
George Benson – My Latin Brother
George Benson – Shark Bite
George Harrison – My Sweet Lord (Peter Croce Sunrise Spirit Rework)
George John – Every Dog Has Its Day
George Koutalieris – Early Morning Ferry
George Shaw & Century – Jasmine
George Solar & Chris Coco – Noche De San Juan
Georgie Fame – Sitting In The Park
Ghia – You Won’t Sleep On My Pillow
Ghost – Showtime 87
Ghost – Stay A While (Instrumental)
Gigi Masin – Khalifa Golf Club
Gil Scott-Heron – When you are who you are
Gilberto Gil – Toda Menina Baiana
Giovanni Damico – Stream of Souls
Gis – Replacement Bus Under Cirrostratus
Glenneth – Aerial
Glenneth – Sunken
Global Communication – 39 (Mark’s Birthday Retake)
Gods Of Venus – Driving to Planet Xoxo (Original Mix)
Golden Bug – Ground
Goldfrapp – Felt Mountain
Goldfrapp – Hairy Trees
Goldfrapp – Voicething
Goldie – State Of Mind
Grace Jones – Private Life
Graham de Wilde – Cirrus
Grids/Units/Planes – It’s everywhere at once
Groove Armada – Dusk, You & Me
Guilherme Arantes – Ouro (Running Hot’s Golden Edit)
Hammatan – Don’t Turn Away
Harrison Tando – Sanbonani
Heaven 17 – The Best Kept Secret
Here & Now – Alba Sol
Hidemi Ishikawa ‎– Love Comes Quickly (Sibson’s Love Comes Slowly Edit)
Hilary Sargeant – Back To Blackness (83 West Instrumental) 
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Green
History – Afrika (Instrumental)
Hobie – Who To Love And How
Hold The Sun – Bahamas
Horizons – Relaxation Theme
Howard Jones – Hide & Seek
Hubbabubbaklubb – Mopedbart
Hubbabubbaklubb – Mopedbart (Olefonkens Autostrada Miks)
Hudson Glover – Digital Opulence
Hugh Mane – Ambient Saturdays
Hugh Mane – Motor City Sleeps
Hugh Mane – Sunny Jim
Hugh Mane – Vindication
Hunter – Forever Young (Viciousi ‘87 Remix) 
Hypnotone – Dream Beam (Ben Chapman Remix) 
I:Cube – Adore
I:Cube – Le Dub
I:Cube – Tropiq
Ian O’Brien – Mina’s Blues
Ibiza Air – Flow With Hope (Dom Paradise Edit)
Ibiza Air – WonderFruits (Original Mix)
Ibiza Air & Walter Silva – A Wonderful Experience (Dom Paradise Remix 2020)
Iëlo – Karma City
Iëlo – Night Life
Iëlo – Soleil d’hiver
Iëlo – Lonely Moon
Igor B – Deep Breath
I-Level – Heart Aglow
Ilves & Migova – Ballad Of The Wild (Thore Pfeiffer Remix)
Ilya – Bliss (Max Sedgley Remix)
Imaginária – State Of Mind #3
Imaginária – Tres Reyes en Toledo
Imaginária – Vento Caldo
Incognito – Out Of The Storm (C’s Planet E Special Mix)
Ink Project – Rhythm Spirit Part 1
International Noise Orchestra – I Speak Your Body Electric
International Noise Orchestra – The Atlantic Swimmer
International Noise Orchestra – Veena Via Video
International Pony – Superyou
INXS – Meditate
INXS – Need You Tonight
Isabelle Antena – Laying On The Sofa
Islandman – Kaybola
Islandman – Island Dub
Islandman – Kara Toprak (feat. Jacob Gurevitsch & Reinhard Vanbergen)
Islandman – Khepre
Islandman – Gaze Into An Abyss
Islandman – Kaybola
Islandman feat. DJ Divo, Olio & Kenneth Bager – Aku Membawa
Ismael Miranda & Kenny Vance – In Havana
Itatiaia – Lapa (Carioca Mix)
J Walk – Bossa For Shorty D
Jack Priest – Boonoonoonoos (Re-Edit)
Jackie Genova – The Cool Down
Jacknife Lee – Katy Rocky
Jacob Gurevitsch – Finus
Jacob Gurevitsch – Gamla Stam
Jaffa – Bklyn Bobbi
Jaffa – Interlude
Jaga Jazzist – Spiral Era
Jakatta – It Will Be
Jakki O – Ooo Aaah
Jam Club – Likewise
James Booth – Why Would You Not
James Bright – Andaman
James Bright – Back Roads (Statues Remix) Eclectics
James Bright – Back Roads (Vanity Project Remix)
James Bright – Cosmos
James Bright – Patchouli
James Bright – Shimmer
James Bright – Sula
James Bright – The Level (Statues Remix)
James Bright – The Level (Vanity Project Remix)
James Bright – The Zooniverse
James Bright – Transmission Station (Original)
James Bright – World So High 
James Bright – You & Me
Jamie Porteous – Cup De Grateful
Jamiroquai – Morning Glory
Jansen Jardin – Beat
Japan – Canton
Japan – The Tenant
Jazzanova – Another New Day
Jean-Pierre Sabar –  Vaï – Vaï
Jeffrey Darnell – Living On The Edge
Jentarix – Night flight (Reanimated Version)
Jeux Floraux – Desire
Jex Opolis – Khamel’s Theme
Jimmy Nail – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
JJ Cale – Magnolia
Jo Manji – Innocence (Mastered)
Joan Bibiloni – Waltz for Lyle and Pat
Joao Donato – Cala Boca Menino
Joe Jackson – Stepping Out (Live Version)
Joe Morris – A Brighter Future
Joe Morris – Acid Safari
Joe Morris – Celestial Plantation
Joe Morris – Cloud Nine (Aimes Remix)
Joe Morris – Dream Clouds 
Joe Morris – Emerald Mountain
Joe Morris – Love Waves
Joe Morris – Stars Over Benniras
Joe Morris – The New Dawn Will Come
Joe Morris – The Orange Test
Joey Negro Presents Akabu – Life Is So Strange Featuring Tony Momrelle
John Forde – Atlantis (Inst) (Ole Smokey’s Extd Slomo Edit)
John Lennon – Beautiful Boy (Euhu Redu)
John Luna & John Williams – Habanera Smile 
John Themis – Emily
John Williams – From The Top
Johny Yama – Magical Place
Jombo Life Part II – Aquarius (Aquarian Moodpass)
Jonathan Maron – Natural High
Jonny Chingas – Phone Home (Instrumental)
Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft – Breath Chant
Jordann – Redial
Jose Padilla – Solito – International Feel
Jose Padilla – Solito (Bubble Club’s In Loving Memory Mix)
Jose Padilla – Walking On Air
Jpye & Leonidas – L’Orient
Jpye & Stupid Human – Ooh La La
Jun Fukamachi – Morning Glow
Juna – La Sera
Junei – Let’s Ride
Jura Soundsystem – Karahi King (Dub)
Jura Soundsystem – With You
Jura Soundsystem – Wonder Drops
Kabbalistic Village – Snowy Forest
Kahlil Cummings – Black Loves Me, Dudu Femi
Kajagoogoo – Hang On Now (Extended Mix)
Kalabi – Deep Red Wine
Kareem Rashad – Dance (TZ Edit)
Kate Bush – Delius
Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Marcel Janovsky Dub) 
Kay Zee – Barney (Fuga Ronto Rework)
Kedr Livanskiy – Razrushitelniy Krug (Destructive Cycle)
Kenneth Bager – JLP Smoked A Doobie
Kenneth Bager & Troels Hammer presents Voices Of Art – Shadows Of A Lullabye 
Kenneth Bager Feat. Findlay – Stones & Steel
Kentaro Takizawa – Gradual Life (Album Version)
Kerri Chandler – Stop Wasting My Time
Kevin McDowell – Birds
Kevin Yost – Truth or dare
Khruangbin – Summer Madness
Khruangbin – Time (You and I)
Kimchii – In Love
King Britt Presents Sylk 130 – Season’s Change (Philharmonix Mix)
King Crimson – The Sheltering Sky (Mr. PC Belle Isle Balearic Edit)
Koop Featuring Terry Callier – In A Heartbeat
Koraal – La Casa del Volcán 2
Kraak & Smaak – Hotel Sorriso
Kruder & Dorfmeister – Ambiente (Original Mix)
Kruder & Dorfmeister – Shakatakadoodub
Ksky – Sanctuary
KV5 – Shelter Melter
Kyoto Jazz Massive – A Calmaria
Laid Back – Fly Away (Poolside Edit)
Lamore – Somebody Tonight (Instrumental)
Langkilde – Harpies
Larry Bright – Sunbeam
Larry Carlton – For Love Alone
Larry Heard – A Question Of Time
Larry Heard – Caribbean Coast
Larry Heard – Rain
Larry Houl – The Vinyl Frontier
Larry Jon Wilson – Sapelo (YZ Remix)
Last Magpie – Mist
Laura Groves – Faking It
Laura Groves – Sunset
L’Eclair – Disco Dino
L’Eclair – L’Arrivée Au Port De Lagos
L’Eclair – Taishi Koto Pt. 1
Lee Anthony Norris – Cosmic Board Fusion
Lee Anthony Norris & Porya Hatami – Moon
Lee Rosevere – Counting the waves (feat. Grace Macklin)
Lee Rosevere – Planet F
Leftfield – El Cid
Leftfield – Release The Pressure
Leftfield Feat. Cheshire Cat – Chant Of A Poor Man
Leon Thomas – Song For My Father (Middle Sky Boom Edit)
Leroy Hutson – Cool Out
Les Edits Du Golem – Les Minots
Les Passagers – Eden
Les Passagers – Les Oiseaux
Level 42 – Something About You (Shep Pettibone Remix)
Level 42 ‎– The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) (’98 Instrumental)
Lexx/LX72 – Passing Time
Lexx/LX72 – Rooty Call 
Lexx/LX72 – State Of Resilience
Lighthouse Family – The Way You Are
Liminal Drifter – Angels Of The Sea 
Liminal Drifter – Beach Fair
Liminal Drifter – Choir on Mars
Liminal Drifter – Japanese Devotion
Liminal Drifter – Man Is Part Of Nature
Liminal Drifter – Sheep Radio
Liminal Drifter – Stranger Things
Liminal Drifter – Connected
Liminal Drifter – Happy Garden of Life
L’Impératrice, Poolside – Fou (Poolside Remix)
Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas – Martin 5000
Linkwood & Greg Foat – Sa Talaia
Liquid Canoe – Aquarium Dragrace
Liquid Canoe – Down To The Feelgate Of Surrender
Liquid Canoe – Go Leonard
Lisa – All Around The World (Hypnotise Mix)
Little Big Bee – Scuba
Little River Band – Reminiscing
Little Tempo – Frostie
Logic System – I Love You
Lolliman – Da Domani (Belpaese Edit)
Loose Ends – A Little Spice
Loose Ends – Hangin’ On A String (Frankie Knuckles Classic Club Reprise)
Lord Of The Isles – Ultraviolet (The Beat Broker’s Ultra Dub)
Los Darts – Despertar
Lou Hayter – Cherry On Top (Instrumental)
Lou Hayter – Private Sunshine (Original Mix)
Love Creation – Mr Bates (Love Creation Edit)
Lovebug Starski – Say What You Wanna Say (DJ Spun Edit)
LTJ Bukem – Inner Guidance
LTJ Bukem – Journey Inwards
LTJ Bukem – Point Of View
Luca Averna & Chris Coco – Discodura 
Luca Averna & Chris Coco – There Is No Planet B
Lukas Visti – Just Like That
Lukas Visti – Room With A View
Lukas Visti – Shine
Lustral – Everytime (A Man Called Adam’s Balearic Remix)
Luvless – File Save As
Luxxury – Our Love is Real [Extended]
Luxxury – What Are We Gonna Do? (Extended)
Maât – Llome Dub
Malcolm McLaren – Call A Wave Edit (Good Block Edit) 
Mallorquín – In the Last Place on Earth (Beat Broker Dream Dub)
Mallorquín – Yellow Machine
Man Jumping – Aerotropics
Man Wazimu – Statement (Instrumental)
Marc De Clive-Lowe – Day By Day (DJ Spinna Remix)
Marine Girault – Revival
Mark Barrot – Island Life
Martin Lefteri – Peradam (Ilya Santana Remix)
Martin Lefteri – Peradam (Original Mix)
Martin Lefteri – Toso-Chu (Original Mix)
Marvin Gaye – After The Dance (Instrumental)
Masanori Ikeda – City Lights
Massive Attack – Exchange
Massive Attack V Mad Professor – Trinity Dub (Three)
Matt Bianco – Matt’s Mood (Remix)
Matt Bianco – More Than I Can Bear (Remix)
Matt Bianco – Summer Song
Matthew Wilder – Break My Stride
Maureen – Tu Me Tues (Les Yeux Orange Edit)
Maureen Walsh – Thinking Of You (Dream Mix)
Max Essa – Breakfast In Yutenji
Max Essa – Burning Palms
Max Essa – Lights Painted For A Road Trip To Spain
Max Manetti – Changuinola – Uber / Is It Balearic
Max Manetti – Henley (James Bright Remix)
Max Manetti – Macoute (Faint Waves Remix)
Max Manetti – Changuinola
Maya – Lait De Coco (Dub)
Maynard Ferguson – Mister Mellow (Album Version)
Mena Solar – Mi Vida
Merc & Monk – Baby Face (Instrumental)
Mercy Mercy – It Must Be Heaven (Dancemix Pt II)
Metamatics – Neo Ouija
Metet – Breathe
Metet – Memories
Metet – Oasis
Metet – Wandering
Mexodus – Pika Beez Senso (Eklecktik Journey’s End Of Night Mix)
MFD – Tora
Micatone – Mon Coeur 
Michael David – Rain II
Michael David – Rain II (Jex Opolis Remix)
Michael David – Rain II (Slow)
Michael David – There In Spirit 
Michael E – If It Takes Forever (Original Mix)
Michael E Feat. Andrea Montiero – Primiera Vez
Micko Roche – Brisas De Verano
Micko Roche – E Drop
Micko Roche – Slow Train (Afterlife Mix)
Micko Roche – The Sea 
Micko Roche – Think Void
Micko Roche – Under The Radar
Micko Roche – Tecumseh
Midnight Rhodes – Midnight Tenderness
Mihvu – Cream Desert
Mike Salta & Mortale – Behind The Rainbow (Ode To José)
Mike Salta & Mortale – Divided Illusions
Mike Salta & Mortale – Bells Of Burgibba
Miles Tilmann – Tek
Milieu – Gentle Suburban Cares
Mini Curry – 100% (Instrumental)
Ministry – She’s Got A Cause
Minus 8 – Mondo Boppp
Minus Yogis – Feels So Right
Mirage – The Dream
Miskotom – Moonlight In The Desert
Miskotom –  Ankhesenamun
Mo’ Horizons ‎– Foto Viva
Moby – Mobility
Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Cuetec Balearic Edit)
Modaji – The Latin Protocol
Model 500 – Astralworks
Mo’jardo – Can’t Breathe
Mondo Paradiso – Mezza Luna (Deep Dope Tubbs Mix)
Monica Mancini – Slow Hot Wind
Monika Linges – The World Was Young
Monks Road Social – Golden Day
Monte Cristo – Spiritland
Monyaka – Go Deh Yaka (Instrumental Dub)
Moon B – Cold G
Moon B – Live In Cali
Moon B – Nevs Groove
Moon B – Star Fight
Moonchy & Tobias – Petali Caduti
Moonchy & Tobias – Somnia
Mori Ra – Heavenly Me
Morita Vargas – Bernisa
Morita Vargas – Ginseng
Morita Vargas – I Feel Lost
Mørk – Tour De Senja (Kohib Remix)
Möshi – Sambaassimo 
Motopony – Wait For Me (Dom Paradise Remix)
Motorbass – Neptune
Moullinex – Ven (Poolside Remix)
Mr. Scruff – Honeydew
Mt. Rave – Temple III (Opal Sunn remix)
Mulatu Astatqé – Asmarina
Mulatu Astatqé – Ené Alantchi Alnorem 
Mundo Muzique – Andromeda
My Friend Dario – Kiki
My Friend Dario – Malvasia (Original Mix)
My Friend Dario – Montalbano
My Friend Dario – My Friend Andrea
My Friend Dario – Salamon’s Son
My Friend Dario – Tora
Mylo – Sunworshipper
Nahawa Doumbia – Yankaw
Nathalie David – Coup De Foudre (Instrumental)
Native Cruise – Distant Planes
Native Cruise – Late Nights
Native Cruise – Mistral Visions
Native Cruise – Whispers
Natural Hugh – Fountains
Natural Hugh – Palmetto Green LeMans
Needs – We Are What We Are
Negatives In Colour – Love Amongst The Buildings (Dan Wainwright Oddball Meets Mesaoria Plain Edit)
Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance
Nese Karabocek – Yali Yali (Todd Terje edit)
New World Music – Music For All People
Nick J. Smith – You Make Me Feel
Nick J. Smith – Your Make Me Feel (Breese Remix)
Nightmares On Wax – Capumcap 
No Moon – 653 Miles
No Moon – Dayz
Nom De Plume – A Form Of Poison (Derek Carr Remix)
Nordsø & Theill – Céo Claro
Norken – Ride
Norken – Shifting Towards
North Satellite – A Rising Sign (Original Mix)
North Satellite – Keep My Light
North Satellite – Le Lagon Noire (Original Mix)
North Satellite – Love is on the One (Original Mix)
Northerner – Dijous
Nova Casper – Turned Onto You (Extended Instrumental)
Nuel – Body Shock
Nunu Canavarro – Blu Terra
Nuyorican Soul – Taita Cañeme
Nymano – Departure
Odyssey – Joy (I Know It) (Instrumental)
Oi Va Voi – Pagamenska
Ole Theill – Between Leaves (Radio Edit)
Olefonken – Sun City (Original Mix)
Oli Silk – Out To Lunch
Oli Silk – Southern Hospitality
Olivier Rogg – GE/CH:Seq
Olololop – Orte Remix
Olywok – Digital Wave (Dub)
Olywok – Synergy
Omar – Spring Step
On – Dub Day Afternoon
On – Southern Breeze
One Giant Leap Feat. Michael Stipe – The Way You Dream
One Hat Man – Venus Dreams (Sunday Morning Lie In Mix)
OOFT! – Clive The SY85
OOFT! – El Clinico Magnifico
OOFT! – Guilty Feet Beat
OOFT! – Love & Soulsaving
OOFT! – Whats It All About
Open Your Mind – Skyrager Edit
Optix Edits – Unpopular
Orb – Centuries
Orbital – The Girl With The Sun In Her Head
Orm – Tropic
OSOO – Swimming
OST – Operation:Seduction (Love Theme)
P.J. Marcus – Viens Tu Danser?
Pablo Bolivar – Diamonds feat. Nezebaba (First take)
Pablo Bolivar – Last change (Take one)
Pablo Color – Los Claveles 36
Pana – Never Get Burnt (Version)
Paradise Orchestra – Satisfy Your Dream (Club Mix)
Paradiso – Here We Go Again (Herestrumental Mix Down Dub) 
Paris Bis – Unis Dans La Nuit
Paris In Reed – JM Edit    Paris In Reed – JM Edit
Parkwerks – Secret To Success Dub 
Parkwerks – Tranquility Dub
Pat Barry – What You Do (Solid State Mix)
Pat Metheny – Sueno Con Mexico
Paul Ryder Ft. James Grey Robson vs Rae & Christian – Killing Moon Re-Groove
Paul Schulleri – Sirene (Zen Baboon Extended Remix)
Paul Simon – Rhythm Of The Saints
Pedro Bertho – Abre Caminhos
Perry Granville – New Arp4
Perry Granville – Sailing Ships
Persimfans – ESP
Peter Godwin – French Emotions
Peter Pearson – Long Nights
Peter Vriends – Serenity
Pfundheller – Lets Play A Lullabye
PG – The Stars
Phil Kieran – Find Love (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
Piero Umiliani – Crepuscolo Sul Mare
Piero Umiliani – Nostalgia
Pink Martini – Cante E Dance
Pink Martini – Syracuse
Piper – Samba Night
Piper – Twilight
Playa d’En Bossa vs Vittoria Brunetti – Over Sample 
Plunky – Tropical Chill (Jazz Mix)
Poolside – Gimme What You Got
Poolside – Sunrise Strategies
Praful – Sonhar    
Prahaseven – The End
Presence – Been Too Long
Private Agenda – Bounty
Private Agenda – Ultramarine
Private Agenda – Bounty
Project Sandro – Dire
Psychemagik – Sister Of The Moon
Psychemagik – Something To Believe
Psychemagik – Trumps Of The Gods
Q Project – Solar System
Qalo Mota – Heartbeat
Qeshi – Tulip Lilt
Quadrant 77 – Axxe to Grind
Quadratschulz – Dyld (Original Mix) 
Quartz – Obsession (Longer Mix)
Quiet Force – Listen To The Music
Quiroga – Dabbler in Love
Quiroga – Kundabuffer
R:thym – The 5 Note
R_R_ (Reinis Ramans) – Luminosity
Radar, Francis Peyrat & Christophe Goze – Nothing Is Real
Raffica Soundsystem – Will Me Out
Rah Band – Perfumed Garden
Ralph Myers & The Jack Helen Band – Clouds
Rare Band – Why Why (Giango Edit)
Rare Silk – Storm
Ray Parker Jnr – After Midnite (LP Version)
Re:Jazz – Inner City Life featuring Jhelisa Anderson 
RedKen – Nobody (IsoJam)
Reggae Disco Rockers feat. Minako Okuyama – Summer Story
Reinhard Vanbergen – Billies Birthday
Reinhard Vanbergen – Blast From The Past
Reinhard Vanbergen – Hillary
Reinhard Vanbergen – The Dreamteam
Residentes Balearicos – Il Respiro
Residentes Balearicos – Worldwide Conspiracy
Reuben Vaun Smith – Open Chakras
Reuben Vaun Smith – Photosynthesizer
Reuben Vaun Smith – Sunshine Flute
Reuben Vaun Smith – The Tides Roll In
Reuben Vaun Smith – Trip On New Shores
Reuben Vaun Smith – Under The Thunder
Rheinzand – All By Myself
Rheinzand – Obey (Hardway Bros Stereo Odyssey Mix)
Rheinzand – Queen Of The Dawn – Music For Dreams
Rheinzand – Slippery People
Rheinzand – Synti
Rhode & Brown x Tilman – For 2 Long
Rhythim Is Rhythim – KaoTic Harmony
Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings Of Strings Of Life (Unreleased Mix)
Rich Lane – Siberian (DJ Friendly)
Rich Lane – Siberian (Live)
Rich Lane – Solstice (Instrumental)
Richard H Kirk – Oneski
Rickenstein – Is It Like Or Love
Rising Sun – Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine
Rising Sun – The River Experiment II
Rizzolo DJ – Waterworl
Robert Hood – Upon A Millennial Moment 
Robert Miles – Leaving Behind
Roberto Fabiani – Paradiso (Belpaese Edit)
RobJamWeb – Paradise
Roel Funcken – Participatory Anthropic Principle
Rollmottle – Low
Rollover DJs – Tequila Sunrise
Romansoff – Zero Gravity
Romario Tevez – Lift Me Up
Roots Manuva – No Strings
Rouge Mecanique – Cosi Cosi 
Roy Ayers, Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad – Synchronize Vibration
Roy Budd – Hallucinations (Instrumental Version)
Röyksopp – In Space
Ruf Dug – Blue Sky Thinking (Episode 7-8)
Ruf Dug – Episode 5-6
Rug Dug – Inward Conversion Process
Ryo Kawasaki – Hawaiian Caravan
Ryo Kawasaki – Sophisticated Lady
Sabres Of Paradise – Smokebelch II (Beatless Mix)
Sabres Of Paradise – Smokebelch II (x=x cover)
Sade – All About Our Love
Sade – Fear
Sade – Like A Tattoo
Sade – Punch Drunk
Saib – Rainyway
Saint Etienne – Nothing Can Stop Us
Saint Etienne – People Get Real
Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club – Never Leave You
Salvatore – Tempo
Sam OB – Addictive
Sandals – A Profound Gas (Profound Dub)
Santino Surfers – Sun Rise Swell
Sapho – Le Train De Paris (Jura Soundsystem Edit)
Sasac – Talking God
Satoshi Tomiie Featuring Diane Charlemagne – Come To Me [Lamento Take 2]
Scatter – Life Beyond This
Scha Dara Parr – N.I.C.E. Guy (Guitar Dub) 
Schiedung Nacht – Frwctrl edit
Scott Grooves – Liberian Girl
Seahawks – Eyes Of The Moon
Seahawks – Over & Over
Seahawks – Paradise Bird Bath
Seahawks – Smooth Runnings
Seal – Crazy (Instrumental)
Session Victim – Isle Of Taste (Patrice Scott Remix)
Seven Windows – Danse Ralenti
Shades Of Green – Falling Tide
Shakatak – Rio Nights
Sharon Raymer – A Few Seconds In Love
Shine 2009 – Higher
Shokk – Stay (Instrumental)
Sidewinder – Stanways Revenge
Silence Path – Ne Intoarcem Mereu Acolo (Original Mix)
Silent Poets – Moment Scale (Dubmaster X Remix)
Simon Says – Intermezzo
Simon Says – Taxidi
Simone – Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser
Simple Minds – Belfast Child
Simple Minds – Someone Somewhere In Summertime (Pete Herbert Darkness To The Light Version)
SIRS – Missing Bali
SIRS – Missing Ibiza (Extended Mix)
Sixtine – L’exactitude (Original Mix)
Skee Mask – Routine
Skintone – Lennox Avenue Butterfly
Slam – Positive Education
Sleepwalker – The Pink Zone
Smith & Mudd – Kolner Street Be With Records
Song For Denise – Piano Fantasia (Dub)
Song Sung – Somewhere
Song Sung – Testimony of Tears
Song Sung – Orbiting Slow (Here it Comes)
Sorceror – Nabu Network
Soulstance – Ritual
Soulstance – We Go Our’s Own Way
Soundscape – Inner Space
Southern Shores – Riders
Sova – Meu De Mao
Spacetime Continuum – Snakes & Ladders
Spandau Ballet – Innocence & Science
Spooky – Orange Coloured Liquid (Original Mix)
St Germain – Montego Bay Spleen
Statues – Lele
Statues – Regalo
Statues – Visions
Steamy Windows – A Peak Through The Window
Steamy Windows & Woolfy – One Of Those Nights (16 Bit Mix)
Steamy Windows & Woolfy – One Of Those Nights (Beach Hotdog Mix)
Steamy Windows & Woolfy – One Of Those Nights (Green Mix)
Stephane Sévérac – Hold On (Extended Mix)
Steve Cobby – The Hindu Kush
Steve Cobby – Between Rapture & Regret
Steve Hiett – Blue Beach
Steve Optix – Slow Roller Edit
Stewart Birch – Miss It 4 The World
Stewart Copeland – Canne
Stuce The Sketch – Chillin’ (feat. Kim)
Stupid Human – The Path
Style Council – It Didn’t Matter (Alkalino edit)
Style Council – The Paris Match
Sun Electric – Beauty O’Locco – R&S
Sunscreem – Cheng Cheng
Sunshine Jones – Miracles
Sven Van Hees – Black Beans
Sven Van Hees – Born To Be Mild
Sven Van Hees – Ocean Jive 
Sven Van Hees – Tamiami Blues
Sweet Whirl – Sweetness (Rachow Remix)
Swing Out Sister – Breakout (12″ Mix)
Syko – Night Demon
Sylvia Mondas – Another Life (Cradle Mix)
Synkro – Progression
Tabula Ra-Sa – Sunset At The Café Del Mar
Take Vibe E.P. – Golden Brown
Take Vibe E.P. – Walking On The Moon
Tania Maria – Come With Me (Tropical Reset Remix)
Tassilo Vanhoefen – Plavalaguna
Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Tears For Fears – I Believe
Tears For Fears – Pharoahs 
Tecwaa – Nîpan
Teddy Lasry – Rising Sun On Bali
Teddy Randazzo – The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.
Tendts – Dust
Test Card – Too Soon For Yesterday
The Apostles – Cosmic Cycles
The Apostles – Mercy Mercy Me
The Beach Boys – Let’s Go Away For A While
The Beatmasters – Midnight Girl
The Cinematic Orchestra – And Relax!
The Cinematic Orchestra – Diabolus
The Communards – Forbidden Love
The Cure – Lullaby
The Doors – Blue Sunday
The Doors – Ghost Song
The Doors – Indian Summer
The Doors – Riders On The Storm (Ibizarre Remix)
The Earons – Land Of Hunger (Love Creation Edit)
The Easy Access Orchestra – The Affair
The First Minute of a New Day – June 9th
The Grid – Aquarium
The Grid – Leave Your Body
The Lemko Unlimited Orchestra – K.G.E.T.
The Limit – Pop (Northern Rascal Rewind)
The Lions – The Loser
The Long March – Chung Kuo
The Polo Club – Jailbreak (night Mix)
The Polo Club – Night Lovin’
The Primitive Painter – Cathedral
The Primitive Painter – Invisible Landscapes
The Primitive Painter – Levitation
The Primitive Painter – Organ Akkumulator
The Project Club – El Mar Y El Luna (Shrinkwrap Acid Re Rub)
The Real Thing – Baby Don’t Go (Instrumental)
The Richard Hewson Orchestra – Romance Theme In F
The Sabres of Paradise – Smokebelch II (DJ Lloyd’s Entree Edit)
The Style Council – Blue Cafe
The Swan And The Lake – Tinkerbell
The Swan And The Lake – Det Ved Jeg Ikke
The Underwolves – Bird Song (Original Mix)
The Vendetta Suite – Shut Up Ya Dub!
The Vendetta Suite – Sirius
The Word – Lobster
This Mortal Coil – Several Times (Remastered)
This Mortal Coil – The Last Ray (Remastered)
Tied Up (Hanners Edit)
Tim Hollier – Pour Toi / Mill Reef Theme Instrumental
Tim Love Lee – Triple X Togetherness Pt 2
Tim Love Lee – Twilight Reservation
Timewarp – Spring Spirit
Toby Glider – Hot Dog
Toby Glider – Marble Vines
Toby Glider – Orange Road
Toby Glider – Pop City
Tom Middleton – Margherita
Tom Middleton – Moonbathing
Tom Middleton – Prana
Tom Middleton – Optimystic
Tommy Guerrero – Battles of the Forgotten (Margee Rework)
Toninho Horta – Aquelas Coisas Todas (Sanguessuga)
Tony Palkovic – Born With a Desire
Tony Verde – Calypso
Tornado Wallace – Mermaid Beach
Towa Tei feat. Astrud Gilberto – Technova (Mr. PC Belle Isle Balearic Edit)
Trimolo – Tempo 100 – Basso
Trio Da Kali & Kronos Quartet Vs. LSD Vs. Bro. Valentino – Eh Yah Wo (Jungla EST Rework)
Troels Hammer – Bogata
Troels Hammer – Unika, Pt. 4 (Radio Edit)
Tuccinelli – Different Nature
Tuccinelli – In the clouds
Tuccinelli – Moments
Two Lone Swordsmen – Azzolini And The Branch Brother Meet Being
Uhu Kuut – Soft Fashion
Underworld – 8 Ball
Underworld – Blueski
Union Jack – Water Drums
Unit Blue – Familia Mundial (Original Mix )
Unit Blue – Familia Mundial (Dom Paradise Chill Mix)
Unit Blue – Playa Del Sueno (Ibiza Air Tropical House Remix)
Unlimited Oceans – Astral Sea
Upfront – Infatuation (DJ Spun Edit)
UR – Jupiter Jazz (Original Mix)
V. Kristoff – Majolica
V.O. – C’est Comme Ça L’ete (Remix Instrumental)
Vagabundo Club Social – Angayusa (Jkriv Unreleased Alternate Mix)
Vangelis – Rachel’s Song
Vaporwave and Philosophy – M I T C H M U R D E R
Vasco Rossi – Una Splendida Gironata (Instrumental)
Venice Beach – Lincoln Island
Verna Lindt – Underwater Boy (Reprise)
Villete – Myst
Virna Lindt – Underwater Boy
Visions Of Shiva – Perfect Morning
Vogue – V.O. – C’est Comme Ca L’ete
Voyage De Charme – Hôtel Des Savanes (Instrumental)
Wade Marcus – Sugarloaf Sunrise
Waiwan – Goddess
Waiwan – Hindsight
Wally Badarou – Chief Inspector (Vine Street)
Warp 69 – Natural High (Global Communications Remix)
Webb – Who Am I? (Sweet Hi End Mix)
Wham – Club Tropicana (Todd Terje Edit)
Will Rene – Blue Again
Willie Graff & Darren Eboli – Cami
Willie Graff & Darren Eboli – Lizard King
Willie Graff & Darren Eboli – Red Light (Instrumental)
Willie Graff & Darren Eboli Feat. Charlotte C – Red Light 
Windsurfer – It’s A Sony Battery Love
Windsurfer – Ü Hell
Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness (Deep & Slow Chill Edit)
Winx – Lifting Rocks For Crayfish
Winx – Warm Wet Sand
Witch – Let’s Get Together
Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt – Dub DUb Dub Dub Dub
Workdub – Caravan
Workdub – Island Breeze
X-Press 2 – Jazz Ride (Ballistic Step)
Y.M.D.F. – Augmented Reality Driven
Yamaan – Cold Rainforest
Yamp – Fuyu No Ne
Yardley – Mineralised
Yasuko Agawa – L.A. Night
Yellowhammer – Lazy
Yggdrasil – Dimun [Chris Coco A Las Estellas Remix]
Youssou N’dour & Peter Gabriel – Sweeping The Leaves
Yussef Kamaal – Lowrider
Yussef Kamaal – Yo Chavez
YuYuMa – WeWee (Dom Paradise Chillwave Mix)
Yvonne Archer – Ain’t Nobody 
Zee Erf – Southern Freeez (Mudd’s Mix For Emma)
Zenit – Colours In My Head
Zoe – Moon Sister (Lunar Dub)

Amkucha Progress Report – Where’s the last four weeks gone?

Facebook Cover Burgundy mint

Nearly a hundred tunes already dropped already!

Simple sums – twenty five tunes, give or take, needed for each two hour show. To give a bit of a breakdown forty nine of those tracks have been on vinyl and the rest digital. Embracing digital mixing has been a learning curve, I’ve always been aware of the huge and obvious benefits but it’s surprised even myself how the percentage is now almost fifty percent of the music I play on the show. If you’d have asked me at the start I probably would’ve projected maybe 10-20% digital and the rest vinyl!

Generally the sound is going in the direction I envisaged with the concept, and as each week’s show passes I feeling a better representation of my tastes and the theme are heard in the overall picture, and hopefully Amkucha will start to build it’s own identity. Some weeks I’m aiming to play more uptempo sounds, more Italo, dream house, deep 4/4 vibes, some Balearic Beat, and others I’ve got planned as pure chillage, but so far each show’s been a sort of build through from one to the other.

2020-01-28 20.37.56

I know it’s early days but the support’s been great and the feedback has been well received and appreciated. The sheer volume of great music I’ve still got to spin is staggering and I’m looking forward in great anticipation to sharing with the listeners week by week.

Massive thanks goes out to the following producers and labels for promos and digital sounds – Micko Roche, Timm Sure/Coyote/Is It Balearic?, Joe Morris, James Bright, Andy Pye/Balearic Social, Jim Breese/Balearic, Alkalino, Grant Williams/Eclectics, Blair French, Marcel Janovsky, Justin Weems/Faint Waves, David Backes/JB DIzzy, DF Tram.

Here’s an amalgamated list of of the tunes used in those first four shows to give you a flavour – 

  • A Man Called Adam – Techno Power (on 33)
  • A Separate Reality – Everywhere You Look
  • Andres Y Xavi – This Time
  • Apiento – Things You Do For Love (Heartbeat)
  • Atlas – Madrigl
  • Atlas – Simpatia
  • Blue Roots – Swan Song
  • Blue Vision – Leila (Variation)
  • Bonnie & Klein – 1983 (Ron Basejam Remix)
  • Bonnie & Klein – Aguavivas
  • Caia – Le Telecabine
  • Calle Gravina – Venezuela
  • China Crisis – Blue Sea
  • Compro Oro – Ten Dollar Jeans Jacket
  • Cool Notes – Secrets Of The Night
  • Coyote – Feedback Valley
  • Coyote – Ranura De Marihuana
  • Coyote – Shimmer Dub
  • Daniel Ibbotson – Blue, Brown & Black
  • D-Code – Heavenly
  • De Wolfe Music – By Design
  • Deborah Haslam – Let Me Trouble (Alkalino Re Edit)
  • Discodor – Fille De Sables
  • DJ Food – The Dawn
  • Eirwud Mudwasser – Ziggurat
  • Escape From New York – Fire In My Heart (Instrumental)
  • F3 – Lonely (Seahawks Remix)
  • G.A.N.G. – Incantations
  • Ghost – Showtime 87
  • Ghost – Stay A While (Instrumental)
  • Golden Bug – Ground
  • Hammatan – Don’t Turn Away
  • History – Afrika (Instrumental)
  • Hunter – Forever Young (Viciousi ‘87 Remix)
  • Ian O’Brien – Mina’s Blues
  • Jackie Genova – The Cool Down
  • James Bright – Sula
  • James Bright – Transmission Station (Original)
  • James Bright – World So High
  • Jansen Jardin – Beat
  • Jeux Floraux – Desire
  • Joao Donato – Cala Boca Menino
  • Joe Morris – Dream Clouds
  • Joe Morris – Emerald Mountain
  • John Lennon – Beautiful Boy (Euhu Redu)
  • John Luna & John Williams – Habanera Smile
  • Junei – Let’s Ride
  • Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Marcel Janovsky Dub)
  • Laid Back – Fly Away (Poolside Edit)
  • L’Eclair – Disco Dino
  • L’Eclair – Le Arrivee Au Port De Lagos
  • Les Edits Du Golem – Les Minnots
  • Level 42 ‎– The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) (’98 Instrumental)
  • LTJ Bukem – Point Of View
  • Man Jumping – Aerotropics
  • Merc & Monk – Baby Face (Instrumental)
  • Mercy Mercy – It Must Be Heaven (Dancemix Pt II)
  • Micatone – Mon Coeur
  • Michael David – Rain II
  • Michael David – There In Spirit
  • Micko Roche – Brisas De Verano
  • Micko Roche – E Drop
  • Mini Curry – 100% (Instrumental)
  • Model 500 – Astralworks
  • Native Cruise – Late Nights
  • Olivier Rogg – GE/CH:Seq
  • Paradiso – Here We Go Again (Herestrumental Mix Down Dub)
  • Parkwerks – Secret To Success Dub
  • Parkwerks – Tranquility Dub
  • Peter Godwin – French Emotions
  • Piero Umiliani – Crepuscolo Sul Mare
  • Piper – Samba Night
  • Poolside – Gimme What You Got
  • Poolside – Sunrise Strategies
  • Private Agenda – Ultramarine
  • Psychemagik – Sister Of The Moon
  • Quiet Force – Listen To The Music
  • Rare Silk – Storm
  • Richard H Kirk – Oneski
  • Rising Sun – Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine
  • Rising Sun – The River Experiment II
  • Rouge Mecanique – Cosi Cosi
  • Ryo Kawasaki – Sophisticated Lady
  • Sabres Of Paradise – Smokebelch II (Beatless Mix)
  • Scha Dara Parr – N.I.C.E. Guy (Guitar Dub)
  • Scott Grooves – Liberian Girl
  • Shokk – Stay (Instrumental)
  • Simone – Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser
  • Skintone – Lennox Avenue Butterfly
  • Steve Optix – Slow Roller Edit
  • Test Card – Too Soon For Yesterday
  • The Beatmasters – Midnight Girl
  • The Polo Club – Jailbreak (night Mix)
  • Tim Love Lee – Triple X Togetherness Pt 2
  • Vogue – V.O. – C’est Comme Ca L’ete
  • Wally Badarou – Chief Inspector (Vine Street)
  • Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness (Deep & Slow Chill Edit)
  • Yvonne Archer – Ain’t Nobody

Steve Optix Presents Amkucha, Tuesdays 1900 – 2100 GMT on Kane FM 103.7 or online at Follow the Amkucha page on Facebook and while you’re there pop a Like on DJ Steve Optix too 😉


Steve Optix Presents Amkucha

Steve Optix Presents Amkucha - Facebook event cover

Amkucha is my new weekly radio show broadcast on Kane fm 103.7 in Guildford and surrounding areas and online – worldwide – at

Tune in on Tuesdays between 1900-2100 GMT

Each week I’ll be exploring deep and vibrant sounds from the 1970’s to the present day. Soaking in eclecticism, taking in Mediterranean sands and Balearic sensibilities

Be it deep electronica, lovers rock, jazz funk, or lo-fi chill, it’s all got a place here on Amkucha

For show recordings and full track lists please follow the Amkucha page on Facebook

If you have digital or vinyl promos please email details to

Two Weeks In Already!

The second session in my new Vinyl Lab sessions, this one taking in cuts far and wide, as is par for the course!

Disco, Bossa Nova, Acid, Downtempo, Jazz Funk, Soul and Afro Beats order of the day here!

Link to show on Mixcloud


Full track list below, tune in at my Facebook page, Mondays 1900-2000 GMT


    Brian Bennett & Alan Hawkshaw – The Executive
    Les Masque – Il Faut Tenir
    Larry Graham & Graham Central Station – Is It Love
    Lou Hayter – Cherry On Top
    George Benson – Dinorah Dinorah
    Chaka – African Rhapsody Pt 1
    Teddy Pendegrass – You Can’t Hide From Yourself
    Johnny Chingas – Phone Home (Instrumental)
    Osibisa Woyaya – Beautiful Seven
    Windy City – Acid Dreams
    Voyage – From East To West
    Andres Y Xavi – Never been to Ibiza
    Aswad – Feelings
    Van McCoy & The Soul City Orchestra – Hey Girl Come And Get It
    Ashley Beedle presents The Uschi Classen Band – Do You Believe In Love

Vinyl Lab live sessions

Starting Monday 4th November 2019 1900-2000 GMT

Something I’ve wanted to do for a while, I’ve finally got all the pieces in place!

This new show, just an hour of your time required, showcasing dug up gems, new releases, obscurities, and forgotten slices of underground sounds….

Broadcast weekly on Facebook Live via the DJ Steve Optix Facebook page and sessions will be uploaded to Mixcloud and YouTube.

Expect a serious cross section! 

Tune in at the Steve Optix Facebook page

Hope to see you there 🙂

Why the compulsion to always put music into mixes?

Why does every song need a context when so many are works of art wence stood alone?

Sure, over the last thirty years there’s been house, techno, drum & bass tracks that are accomplished productions and solid sounds, but purely filler. And many work well, join a dot, create the context, shape the journey, but alone they’re lost.

What I’m talking about is good music, really good music. Songs you remember, songs that inspire, songs that change your life. Still I feel the compulsion to write a story with them.

A good mix is often called a journey. Maybe this is a little cliched now but if you are a true lover of music and a DJ that’s fortunate enough to be allowed to curate your own sound, then every needle drop a new journey begins.

Personally – and this may be every record buyer ever – I hear a sound, a paragraph in the story not yet written, and I must have! And the constant strive can be to find a narrative to slip this plot twist into.

Every vinyl DJ, (And digital, I’m sure, but I’m not qualified for digital DJ insight), has their record room/shelves/basement/loft/out house (dis-)organised into stacks of ‘chapters’. Each of those chapters containing numerous paragraphs just waiting to be arranged into a coherent trip, aural, metaphorical.

Others – and I know many – just haven’t re-filed their last set!

As usual maybe I’m flexing the grey matter too deeply on this? What is true however is that if a sound resonates with me, on the wants list it goes, as one day – the day that never comes for a collector/sharer of music – the manuscript will be finished.

Multi Genre Affliction

I truly envy DJs who play just one genre of music. I feel afflicted by the fact that I love, crave and desire such a large cross section of genres, moods and energies, I honestly think it’s been a barrier to personal furtherance in this industry.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my lot, I think though maybe having your cake and eating it when you want to play a mixture of disco, funk, soul, Balearic, house, acid, jazz, progressive, electro, breaks, techno, samba, bossa, sleaze, yacht rock, tribal, afro, chilled, downtempo, ambient, trip hop, drum & bass, boogie, Italo, easy listening, indie, big beat, warehouse, acid, broken beats, hip hop, electrofunk, jazz funk, new wave, chug, synthwave, nu jazz, nu disco, edits and re-edits, is just not possible?

You think I’m joking just check my Mixcloud!

For years I’ve wanted to open my own bar – I think the reason for this is just so that I can indulge in my multi genre selections!

Could you pick just four genres that tick your boxes? Do you struggle staying within one or two?

Every time I get close to narrowing things down I hear a track, mix or DJ that reminds me of why I love that particular sound and could never eject it from the record box. Balearic as a whole is a good pigeon hole for me but only because Balearic is a vibe, not a sound, although it has a sound, if that makes sense! There are others that class Balearic as big room summer house, some as trancey, many – And where I’m at – class it as the melting pot of good feels and sunset laden sounds. I guess though it comes down to ‘if you know, you know’.

Anyways, I’ll plod on, dropping what makes me tingle, makes me move, or move and tingle!

Parents Evening 3rd August 2019

The next installment of Parents Evening will be held at The Funky End, Aldershot, on Saturday 3rd August 2019. Entrance is free, just needing to register for your free ticket at The night will be broadcast live on and will feature myself alongside the highly experienced Joe Flanagan and DJ Mystery.

What’s in a night?

Being vinyl only and covering multiple genres brings its own issues and demands. Firstly, obviously, I can only carry so much vinyl, and my usual set is between 3 ½ to 4 hours long. Prior to the night generally I won’t know what sort of crowd will be in. Not being a commercial DJ and not taking 2000 tracks with me on a memory stick means I need to think long and hard about my two boxes of records, which carry about 70 12”s each. Each tune will gives around 4-5 minutes play time plus anything from 5 to 60 seconds being in the mix.

The majority of my night will encompass house and its many forms, given that house music is now over thirty years old and has sprung numerous offshoots this gives me a wide spectrum to work across and I have carte blanche to take the music in any direction. The house tracks I take will run from mid 80’s up to present day, I’ll also maybe squeeze in some 80’s disco, electro, soul and funk, but once into the house vibe I’ll play everything from acid house, Balearic sun kissed sounds, club classics, warehouse and rave, through to big beat, progressive sounds and trance classics.

Musically I like to play lesser known sounds to people, mixed in with recognisable classics. I’ve always said cool but accessible, obscure but not pretentious, but I don’t do Top 40 and to be frank I don’t follow commercial sounds at all as there are a million DJs to cater for that – but it isn’t for me.

Warming things up at around 100bpm I’ll up the pace through the night to about 127bpm with what I see as some logical selections for the next track to a few surprises once I’ve gauged the response to a few tunes and get an idea as to where I can take it and as to how far I can push the envelope.

I get asked sometimes how I decide what to play next and reading the crowd is an expression you’ll hear many DJs discuss as an essential key skill. Once a dancefloor gets going you obviously look for responses in terms of energy levels and facial expressions and you want to maintain the enthusiasm of the crowd and keep those faces smiling, so the best way I’ve found to put it in words for a complete novice is break a track down into two elements, the beats/riffs and the melody/vocals. Sometimes a vocal track will get everyone going but an instrumental version does not have the same effect – the vocals create the energy – other times it’s serious beats and riffs that make a dancefloor bounce and vocal elements are not in call here, so keep working with tracks with strong beats and drum programming in the production. If you go off in one direction and the energy/smiles drop then make the next track a vocal. A simplified version of this as there’s many facets to this, but it’s a start. Are pianos doing it, a bit of a rap, etc. then move that direction.

A quick tangent here but a great example of this is Black Legend – Trouble With Me. Now this is a bootleg track utilising an early 90’s underground techno track House of God by DHS, with of course the lush vocals and breakdown from the walrus of love Barry White. Now this track goes down a bomb whenever it’s dropped but many wouldn’t care for the beats if there was no Barry. If I were in the middle of an old school rave vibe and dropping FSOL, Jaydee, Move Your Body etc. then a crowd into this would usually prefer the original techno track and would see the later bootleg as a commercial watered down crossover.

Currently though the regular venue I play at is an upmarket bar/gastro pub with a late licence and a good sound system. The clientele are anything from cool and hip, (Is that even a cool/hip thing to say these days?), early 20s through to mid-50s and occasionally older. Now it’s no good at all me playing my tunes, in any order, regardless of who’s in attendance, so I need to keep a few tunes in the box to work towards make tracks palatable to some who may not be agree-able to dropping French Kiss straight in. Now here’s one of the tough bits, using sounds to take people to sounds they didn’t think they’d like purely because you’ve put them in context using an aural soundscape. Basically this means taking a more accessible sound bit by bit into a more off the beaten track vibe by musical transition.

Generally at a venue such as this nights where people get up and have a dance are about one in three so your cues for where you take the sound next are much more subtle. Tapping feet, nodding heads, smiles of recognition, sometimes people don’t even realise they’re doing it, these are the visual tells to your next sound. That and also the number of people who come up to me and say they’re loving/loved the sounds I’ve played that night and the fact that I keep getting booked to come back again and again!

Below is a track list from my night I played on Friday 8th June at The Mulberry in Farnham to hopefully demonstrate some of the aspects mentioned above. You may recognise a few.

  1. Electra – Destiny
  2. Tim ‘Love Lee’ – One Night Samba
  3. Finnebassen – Baby (Ron Basejam Remix)
  4. COEO – Pajama Stomp
  5. Culture Beat – Der Erdbeermund (Instrumental)
  6. Sueño Latino – Sueño Latino (The Latin Dream Mix)
  7. Faze Action – Samba (Scat Dub)
  8. Saint Etienne – Rose Rouge
  9. Dionne – Come On And Get My Lovin’
  10. Black Box – Ride On Time
  11. Inner City – Big Fun
  12. Orr-Some – We Can Make It
  13. Todd Terje – Inspector Norse
  14. Street Corner Symphony ‎– Symphonic Tonic
  15. Ron Hall & The MuthaFunkaz Featuring Marc Evans ‎– The Way You Love Me
  16. Nu Yorican Soul – It’s Alright, I Feel It! (M.A.W Alternative 12″)
  17. Black Science Orchestra – New Jersey Deep
  18. DJ Spun – Love Will Save The Day
  19. Alcatraz – Give Me Love
  20. Mone – Movin
  21. D-Rail ‎– Bring It On Down
  22. Xpansions – Move Your Body
  23. Todd Terry Project – Weekend
  24. D-Mob – We Call It Acieeed
  25. Inner City – Good Life
  26. Gusto – Disco’s Revenge
  27. Supereal – Body Medusa (The Leftfield Remix)
  28. Delta Lady – Anything You Want (The Delta Belter Vocal Symphony)
  29. Ame – Rej (A Hundred Birds Remix)
  30. Satoshi Tomiie ‎– Love In Traffic (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)
  31. Remake – Theme From Bladerunner
  32. Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Remix)
  33. Goldtrix – I’m Trippin’
  34. Da Techno Bohemian ‎– Bangin’ Bass
  35. Lucky Stars – Be There At Midnight
  36. Aaren San – Osclownyzz (Blende Remix)
  37. Felix Da Housecat ‎– Silver Screen Shower Scene
  38. Dennis Ferrer ‎– Hey Hey
  39. Josh Wink/Public Enemy – Bring The Higher States
  40. Ben Burns & Serge Santiágo ‎– The Crowd Seem To… (Burn’s Move Right Mix)
  41. Kirk DeGiorgio Presents Esoterik ‎– Starwaves
  42. Shur-i-kan ‎– Living Inside (Mike Monday Remix)
  43. Sander Kleinenberg ‎– My Lexicon
  44. Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Original Three ‘N One Mix)

So as you can I’ve journeyed through acid house, rave, garage, progressive, electro, trance, tech house, Italo House, Balearic, Broken Beats, Balearic, disco and jazz house flavours. On other weeks there will be more funk and soul, other nights more rave, depends on the weather 🙂