Multi Genre Affliction

I truly envy DJs who play just one genre of music. I feel afflicted by the fact that I love, crave and desire such a large cross section of genres, moods and energies, I honestly think it’s been a barrier to personal furtherance in this industry.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my lot, I think though maybe having your cake and eating it when you want to play a mixture of disco, funk, soul, Balearic, house, acid, jazz, progressive, electro, breaks, techno, samba, bossa, sleaze, yacht rock, tribal, afro, chilled, downtempo, ambient, trip hop, drum & bass, boogie, Italo, easy listening, indie, big beat, warehouse, acid, broken beats, hip hop, electrofunk, jazz funk, new wave, chug, synthwave, nu jazz, nu disco, edits and re-edits, is just not possible?

You think I’m joking just check my Mixcloud!

For years I’ve wanted to open my own bar – I think the reason for this is just so that I can indulge in my multi genre selections!

Could you pick just four genres that tick your boxes? Do you struggle staying within one or two?

Every time I get close to narrowing things down I hear a track, mix or DJ that reminds me of why I love that particular sound and could never eject it from the record box. Balearic as a whole is a good pigeon hole for me but only because Balearic is a vibe, not a sound, although it has a sound, if that makes sense! There are others that class Balearic as big room summer house, some as trancey, many – And where I’m at – class it as the melting pot of good feels and sunset laden sounds. I guess though it comes down to ‘if you know, you know’.

Anyways, I’ll plod on, dropping what makes me tingle, makes me move, or move and tingle!

2 thoughts on “Multi Genre Affliction

  1. Loved this reading Steve because I kind of see myself in this words but I could have not write my thoughts down with such a clear eplanation like you did. I disagree only on one point though, which is when you say that “loving/playing so many genres might have been barrier to personal furtherance in this industry”. Don’t take me wrong, but K think that this makes you an actual dj, a real crate digger; in my case, for example, I think that the real barrier were mainly two:

    – not throwing regular parties and building my name in the business
    – not producing music (or pay a ghost producer to do it for me, which I find sad)

    Unfortuantely, the normal thing nowadays is to confuse good dis with good producers. I always wonder: why the industry and people dont accept that are two completely different things, and most of the time one doenst have anything to do with the other?

    I like the way you described Balearic….totally agree 🙂

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    1. Hi Paolo! Many thanks for your words, it’s much appreciated. I was out of the game for a long time and now being much older with three children and a business to run time is limited and admittedly I can’t throw myself out there as I did when I was younger. I do put on a few parties, (Vinyl Lab, Parents Evening), even then though I think I’m too loose in my expanation of what people can expect. I love digging for vinyl but if I’m honest I’m more influenced by diggers than being a heavy digger, but I’ve found myself a few lovely gems in my time ☺️


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